Changing perception that Disaronno is a drink made for winter.

The task

Demonstrate the versatility of Disaronno, and help change the perception that it’s a drink mainly for the winter festive season.

What we did

The ‘Disaronno Sour’ cocktail turns Disaronno into a delicious, long, cool, summer-time drink. We showcased the cocktail at bars and at relevant social events such as Henley Royal Regatta, where we created a unique pop-up experience. All activity was supported with social media to extend the experience to a wider audience and inform people about upcoming events.

We showcased Disaronno Sour at Henley Royal Regatta, where we created a unique pop-up experience.


After the amazing response reported by sampling teams at events, the buzz about Disaronno spread to social media. Here cocktail fans shared pictures of their own Disaronno Sours and swapped tips on how to mix the perfect one. 

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