Raising awareness for a charity in the hospitality industry.
Hospitality Action

The task

Help raise awareness of the issues that people who work in the hospitality industry face. 

What we did

Working with high-profile chefs and portrait photographer Morgan Silk, we created a series of hard-hitting images bringing to light the serious issues hospitality workers face every day. These images were then used in advertising, social media, PR and at industry events.


The reaction was as strong as the work. 

Unveiled at the industry's largest annual awards event, the campaign received widespread coverage and acclaim. As well as ads placed in industry magazines, the chefs tweeted campaign images, core messages and even changed their profile pictures to highlight the issues raised. 

Since the launch Hospitality Action has seen a large increase in awareness and in website traffic. The charity has also been approached by people in the industry offering to help, as well as an increase in people requesting the services of the charity as a result of the campaign. 

In 2015 Hospitality Action spent £632,650 supporting 2,021 people in need.

Helped people in need
2015 Spend
Gold Winner: FAB (International Food and Beverage) Award 2016
Ashley-Palmer Watts: Depression #ItCouldHappenToYou
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