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Little Miracles

The task

The blended health drink, Little Miracles, wanted to raise awareness of its brand near to the London stores where it’s sold, and where the drinks were on promotion.

What we did

Mercieca created a striking advertising campaign that showed 'Little Miracles' moments that conveyed some of the positive, energised and life-affirming feelings associated with the brand. This included showing a group of friends together at a festival, the invigorating feeling of morning run, and the beauty of watching a sunset after a day's surfing. 

To encourage trial, we enlisted sampling team ambassadors to deliver a four-week campaign reaching busy Londoners at stations, workplaces and outside stores. Mercieca also used the brand's Facebook and Twitter accounts to amplify the activity. 


Research showed an above average positive perception for the brand. The activity helped exceed sales targets as well as uplifting engagement levels across social media. 

Over 35,000 Little Miracles bottles were sampled.

Over 35,000 Little Miracles bottles were sampled.
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