Time to Open Up
Licensed Trade Charity


Licensed Trade Charity wanted to increase their brand awareness.  

Our challenge was to create a strong brand proposition and to promote the charity’s range of services aimed at people who work or have worked in the licensed trade.

What we did

We devised a striking integrated marketing campaign called “Time to Open Up.”  Research told us that showing relevance and empathy with the target market would achieve maximum cut-through. 

So we created a visual of a modern bar scene with “Time to Open Up” made into a neon sign.  The campaign line is a very well-known trade saying but at the same time encourages people to talk to the charity about any problems they may have.

The activity is running for six months across trade press, social media, POS, digital and PR.


Unveiled at an industry launch event, the campaign received widespread coverage, and the move from the usual ‘sob story’ charity approach to a more empowering, encouraging feel has been incredibly well received. 

Our press and digital campaign is running nationwide in trade titles such as Imbibe, Bar Magazine, Inapub and The Morning Advertiser, reaching more than 334,294 people in the on-trade.

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