Bringing Mento’s new ‘Fresh connection’ proposition to life for young professionals in London.

The task

Bring Mento’s new ‘Fresh connection’ proposition to life for young professionals in London.

What we did

We put our thinking caps on. Young professionals in London are busy. Blasted by brand messaging. And sometimes fickle when it comes to brand loyalty. How could we get cut through?

Just weeks out from the Rugby World Cup launching at Twickenham, we created a strategy that would encourage Londoners to make fresh and new connections. Where? Rugby Aid. Fresh off the back of the success of Soccer Aid, the newly launched event would bring ex rugby legends together for the first time with celebrities.

We created a partnership for Mentos that led us to making history by branding the cross bars at The Twickenham Stoop rugby pitch to resemble giant tubes of Mentos. This was the first time the cross bar had been branded this way and it resulted in maximum exposure during training sessions and the charity England match featuring celebrity players that was broadcast live on BT Sport.

At the match we engaged fans with a half-time Mentos Crossbar Challenge alongside Mentos samples handed out to over 10,000 fans to share with someone new. Our content strategy led to fans, players and celebrities trending #MentosMoments with photos of new friendships and‘Fresh Connections’ they’d made at the match.


Numerous new conversations, unexpected friendships and ‘fresh connections’ were created as a result of the Mentos Moments activity at the match.

The branded crossbars alone were enough to get lots of people talking. This, along with our dedicated sampling teams made Mentos the first name on everyones lips.

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