What do convenience retailers want from suppliers during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We’ve seen how convenience sales are performing and truly appreciate the various pressures retailers are facing right now. We also know the importance of suppliers and brands in supporting them, helping ensure availability of the products shoppers want and need. On behalf of Mercieca, the ACS asked its members’ forum what they want communicated to them during these unprecedented times, especially now field-sales teams can’t visit. This is what they told us:

Q. What do you currently want (or don’t want) communicated from suppliers/brands?

  1. What is happening with supply chain, what are suppliers doing to help ensure product is delivered
  2. Warning of any delivery issues.
  3. What can suppliers do to help in store and to simplify store operations.
  4. Advice on how to keep up service levels
  5. Advice on store issues eg. social distancing.
  6. Focus on core products and core activities, less about NPD
  7. No promotions that are not simple eg. on pack
  8. Any other routes to market that could be opened up?
  9. Product for food service - can this be used in retail?
  10. How suppliers can support stores on product in store

Q. How would you prefer to receive this information?

  1. Social media – use existing social media platforms
  2. Text, email or What’s App – not phone calls
  3. Electronic communications are best now
  4. Keep messages focused short and sharp
  5. Preferably things we can read on a mobile phone

Clearly we all need to evolve the way we work in these unusual and testing times. Mercieca’s in-depth knowledge of the convenience sector combined with a full range of agency services means we can help our clients to succeed, no matter how we all need to adapt to difficult trading conditions.

For more information please contact enquiries@mercieca.co.uk

See how convenience sales are performing during Covid-19 here.

“Many retailers are seeing unprecedented demand at the moment coupled with the additional challenge of keeping colleagues and customers safe by adhering to social distancing rules when serving and restocking, so its crucial that suppliers are as flexible as possible when communicating with retailers about product availability and other information. Local shops are keeping thousands of communities going during this time, but they can only do so with continued support from their suppliers.” Says: Paul Chamberlain from ACS
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